Service & Pricing

Office Sian has experience in a wide range of commissions in different sectors and scales, from domestic refurbishments, to larger public-funded projects. We offer our clients a wide range of services, some of which are listed to the right.

All of our services are insured under an Architect's Professional Indemnity Insurance scheme.

Office Sian prices each commission on an individual basis, therefore providing our clients with an economical fee for their specific needs and requirements.

Broadly, for a 'traditional' full Architect's service, from the design inception of the commission all the way through to the completion of the built project, a fee as a percentage of the final construction cost will be between 8-14% for a refurbishment project, and between 3-9% for a new-build project.

Full Architect's Service

From initial Client meetings, development requirements of the project to Sketch Studies, Planning Applications, Construction Drawings, and On-site meetings

Tender & Construction Drawings

Ensuring your builder is providing a price for each and every element of the project, and also building to an agreed set of drawings and quality specifications.

Feasibility Studies

What are the possibilities for your home/office/garden/plot of land? A Feasibility Study presents you with a range of initial drawn solutions, from which the most appropriate proposal can be developed further.

Computer Modelling

Get a fantastic idea of how a proposal will look and feel, with computer visualisations and 'walk-throughs'.

Planning Applications & Guidance

Drawings and associated documents are produced for submission to the Local Council Authority. Guidance on Planning Law is provided throughout the process.

Furniture Design

No proposal is too small!

Drawing Surveys

Architectural drawn surveys of existing buildings, produced in paper and digital format.

Cost Control

Make sure that you have control over the overall cost of your project, at all stages of the process.