Varnasi - Casted Space

This report attempts to explore how the highly antiquated, yet contemporary and political, phenomena of the caste system informs the production [taken as Lefebvrian term] and realisation of space. Space, as a region of study, is taken as an abstract concept to draw literary and phenomenological evidence into the enquiry.

The examination of gatherings within the 'Ghats' at the River Ganges in the holy city of Varanasi, in India, provides a needed backdrop for this study to realise a larger cultural meaning: In what manner does space reform and deform when it is violated at extremes by, for example, Untouchables, Holy Men, Clay Idols, Burning Pyres, and the Modern Tourist taking pictures of this all? In addition, how does/can architecture establish an equilibrium between the socio-economic labelling of groups of people?

Research Documentation

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