Hackney Shed

Cleveland Avenue Situated in a domestic garden in Hackney, the new ‘shed’ replaces a dilapidated asbestos-ridden and spider-filled hut, and acts as a working studio for the Clients.

Built to a limited budget and timescale, the simple aesthetic of the materials is celebrated to create a functional and warm urban haven. Oak framed full-height doors are completely retractable and allow for a clear view of the garden. A library, situated within the structural members, maximises the usable floor area, and a ‘hidden’ rooflight at the rear of the space playfully frames an unexpected glimpse of the sky.


Architect’s Journal Small Projects Shortlist 2011
NLA Best Domestic/Office Refurbishment Projects Shortlist 2010

Residential: Garden Studio
Status: Completed July '10
Location: Hackney, London
Contractor: Index Ltd
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